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5 Mental Breaks to Boost Productivity When Working from Home

December 19, 2023

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As the line between "office" and "home" blurs for many remote workers, it's crucial to maintain mental well-being by consciously incorporating breaks throughout the day. Here are five ways to give yourself the mental pauses you need to recharge and stay productive while working from home.

1. Engage in Mini-Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness can be a simple yet powerful tool to reset your mental state. Set aside a few minutes for a breathing exercise or a guided meditation. You can use apps or online videos for short sessions focused on mindfulness practices. This form of mental break can help clear your mind of work-related stress and improve your concentration when you return to your tasks.



2. Take a Tech-Free Tea Time

In an era where screens are omnipresent, give your eyes—and mind—a rest with a tech-free break. Boil the kettle and steep your favorite tea. Sit somewhere comfortable away from all screens and enjoy the warmth and aroma. This small ceremony allows you to slow down and can be a calming, sensory experience that recharges your mental batteries.

3. Jump into a Jigsaw Puzzle or Brain-Teasing Activity

Sometimes, the best way to take a break is to switch gears and challenge your brain differently. Keep a puzzle, Sudoku, or a crossword puzzle at hand. Spending 10-15 minutes on a completely unrelated cognitive activity can give your analytical mind a rest from work and come back to your tasks with a fresh perspective.

4. Get Physical with A Quick Workout or Stretch

Physical activity can be an excellent mental break. A short walk, a series of stretches, or a quick workout can revitalize you physically and mentally.

The release of endorphins from physical activity can elevate your mood, sharpen your focus, and even improve your sleep, contributing to overall better mental health.



5. Establish a Green Break with Nature

Connect with nature to clear your head. If you have a garden, step out and breathe some fresh air, observe the plants, or do a bit of weeding. Inside, you can tend to houseplants or simply gaze outside your window for a few moments to take in the natural light and view. Green breaks can lower stress levels and improve cognitive function, making them an excellent mental pause.

These strategic breaks do more than just offer respite from the grind—they enhance your ability to maintain productivity throughout the workday. Put these tips into practice and watch as your work-from-home experience transforms, allowing you to maintain peak performance coupled with a sound state of mind.

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