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The Most Incredible, Yet Still Underrated, Transformation of the Boston Seaport

May 21, 2019

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If you’ve made your way around Massachusetts, it’s easy to spot the differences between Boston and it’s Seaport district. The Seaport provides a very new age, upscale environment, booming with new development and technological appreciation.

However, not many people know of the dramatic growth the Seaport underwent within its time - especially throughout the past few years.

But, it hasn’t always been the thriving, tech-centered neighborhood we know and love today.


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.05.33 AM 


Did you know that until the late 1800's, this area was completely covered by water? The 20th century came around and turned it into a booming shipping area. Wool and leather were shipped in for the local factories. Sadly, that prosperous trading arena fell short, leaving the seaport as an empty, abandoned no-man's land by 1989. Below are some vintage photos taken throughout the Seaport's history...

1910: The Seaport was known as The Commonwealth Fish Pier. This was the largest Pier building in the world at the time.


1985 - Bayside Exposition Center


1989 - The Seaport as an abandoned lot


1990 - The start of The Seaport revamp


The Seaport today!


The Seaport’s potential had begun stirring around within the late 80’s / early 90’s. Funds were beginning to come in for the sole purpose of revitalizing the Seaport and transforming it into the next “best” thing. The Boston Globe actually stated that there has now been over $133 million dollars in just public investment alone for this transformation to be put (and kept) into motion, and even more when talking private investments. Skyscrapers, offices, apartments, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, night life, and more, have begun flooding the Seaport. The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and Institute of Contemporary Art have also sprouted within the Seaport, adding to it’s value and diverse array of opportunity. Today it’s titled by public administration as Boston’s next “Innovation Hub.”

Here are some of the key developments that transformed the Seaport into what it is today:





One "Rotten" View

Mayor Kevin White moved into his office at the new City Hall in 1968. After looking out his office and seeing a “rotten Seaport” district everyday, he knew things needed to change. With that, development of the Seaport was set into motion. The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and Institute of Contemporary Art were built there with the intention of creating a technology driven neighborhood to compete against Cambridge.




Connected At Last

This article couldn’t go without mentioning the I-93 and I-90 interchange, a $15 billion project. While the Big Dig (a Boston megaproject that connects 93 through the city and into the Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel) provided the public easy transportation back and forth from the airport, new developments have now made the Seaport district connected. This made the Seaport way more accessible!


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.35.22 AM


A Compass Shoutout!

With most busy cities, strict land laws and tight spaces come with the territory. This limits Boston from building new hospitality developments like hotels, apartments, furnished apartments (*wink wink), etc. In the Seaport however, there’s room to grow! Businesses are taking advantage of the Seaport’s empty space in order to expand their business. It’s a beautiful location with amazing views and an exciting environment, so we can see why! We’re extremely proud of our own Seaport properties. Once you see our units, you’ll see why! 





Livable Solutions. Livable Growth.

This new residential development within the Seaport district has populated the neighborhood with not only after work commuters, but it’s own residents! This was a huge catalyst for it’s most recent developments. Residents need a place where they can live...comfortably and effectively. It was time for the Seaport to build up…”everything” per say. Grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats, furniture stores, doctors, dentists, etc...are now diving into the Seaport to fully complete resident’s needs.



Life in the Seaport, at the heart of Cambridge’s entrepreneurial hub, means energy and activity is always around the corner. The Seaport makes for an easy commute, spectacular dining & shopping experiences within walking distance, and amazing views of the Charles River just beyond—it doesn’t get much better than that. What do you think the Seaport has in store for the future? The possibilities are endless. 


Whether you're already living in the Seaport, about to move, or neither, making time to "sea" all the Seaport has to offer is something you have to take advantage of! This neighborhood will only keep growing, and you deserve to experience the greatness first hand. 


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