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The Flu And Coronavirus Are Unleashing Their Wrath. How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling.

February 4, 2020

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan

Cold and flu season were already in full swing when the Coronavirus outbreak started in China, began spreading internationally, and now has the world on red alert. Whether you're traveling or just at home trying to carry out your daily 9-5, extra precautions need to be made. Follow this guide to avoid getting sick this season. 

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Scarf It Up

You don't have to go full on medical grade-mask, but use the winter weather to your advantage! Keep your nose and mouth covered. Grab a scarf before going out and bunch it up to give you an extra barrier between the germs and you.


Flu Shot

Do you really need another reminder telling you to get your flu shot? Especially if you're traveling, a flu shot is your BEST defense against contracting viruses. You can now walk right into a CVS, walk-in-clinic, or Stop & Shop pharmacy and get one in two seconds. 


Travel Health Kit

Whether it's in your carry on, purse, or car, make sure you're equipped with everything you need to fight off germs and bacteria. This can include: tissues, sanitizer, Advil/Tylenol, antibacterial hand soap, sanitizing wipes, and Emergen-C packets. 


Sanitizer, Wipes, and Tissues

These three items need to be absolute must-haves when you're on the go. Have a handy, travel-sized sanitizer to use throughout the day and pick up wipes to wipe down things such as plane or train seats, the grocery cart handle, etc. Tissues can be used to quickly grab public door handles and stair railings. 


Pick The Right Seat

Believe it or not, your airplane seat matters. Opt for a window seat and don't budge. The closer you get to the aisle, the closer the germs. 


Vitamin C Gummies

If you don't want to carry a bunch of Emergen-C packets everywhere, start adding more supplements to your morning routine. The next time you find yourself out shopping, grab some Vitamin C and Vitamin D gummies. They're tasty and help your body fight off pesky colds and sickness. 


Beware of Restrooms

I know we're all aware that public restrooms are gross, but take this as a friendly reminder. Cover toilet seats and do not touch the sink faucet! If a public restroom's faucet and soap dispenser don't have motion sensors so you aren't touching anything, use your own sanitizer and call it a day.



Drinking water allows your body to flush out toxins and strengthen your immune system. Drinking enough water will make it that much harder for pesky pathogens to stick around. If you're on a plane, make sure you're bringing your own water bottle. 



HR Guide: Keeping Employees Healthy Throughout Travel





To find out more about how to protect yourself from the flu, visit the UAB flu website.







Hey, guys! It's Maddy, the Content Creator at Compass. Stay safe out there, folks. Make sure you take these extra processions to keep you and your family safe. Find me here on Linkedin. I'd love to connect! 

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