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Corporate Travel Expenses Are Changing | What Are Travelers Spending & How To Adapt Quickly

September 22, 2020

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan
I think all of us can agree that both personal and professional priorities have shifted within 2020.We have to understand the effects that has on our mindset, our routine, and *ding ding ding* our expenses. For corporate travelers, expenses have shifted drastically when it comes to certain categories. Let's look through these changes and see how we can adapt moving forward. 


Food, Groceries, and Takeout

Whether it's sit down meals, takeout, or groceries, all expenses regarding food have increased this year. What does this tell us and how can we lower expenses while still improving guest experience?

Because our apartments include fully-equipped kitchens, we have a big advantage. Our travelers are able to cook their own meals, store leftovers, and have more freedom with food over those with other accommodations (ie: hotel rooms). Our variety of grocery packages allow travelers to move-in with a fully stocked fridge, providing solutions the minute they arrive.

We'll work with travel managers to choose the right grocery package for their teams, or we'll talk to the travelers themselves and see which packages, even beyond groceries, fit their lifestyle best. 

Our full kitchens, grocery packages, and ability to provide additional kitchen accessories upon request gives travelers affordable solutions when it comes to food - bettering their experience and lowering overall expenses. 


The Future Of Remote Work

Another huge shift in expenses involved work-from-home environments. Employees have been shopping around to set up their new home office areas, increasing the category by 82 percent compared to the first half of 2019. 

Knowing that most people, including our travelers, will be working remote due to the pandemic, we were able to adapt our offerings and apartment spaces to fit their new needs. We created 'home office' packages for residents who have to work from home throughout their stay.

Our team will work with residents to build their ideal home office setup. If they need an extra monitor, desk, or office supplies, we'll made sure to have everything set up for them prior to arrival. This helps both companies and travelers save money when it comes to purchasing expensive office equipment themselves. See more on our Home Office Packages



A lot of individuals have been calling us in need of a change of scenery - dealing with "work-from-home burnout" of sorts. I guess you can take the man out of the office, but you can't take the stress and burnout mentality out of the worker. This is a PSA for anyone who feels burnt out working from their dining room table and could use a change of pace. Our apartments are available for you to get away, work efficiently, and act as a 'recharger' from your everyday routine. Explore our Hotel Alternative Program.


Having The Time To Rebuild

Our last noticed fluctuation in expenses dealt with corporate travel programs. At the start of uncertainty, traveling employees were left with unanswered questions, not knowing how or when they'll get back to their families. At-home employees were left worrying about their job security, all due to the lack of structure that was in place. Of course, no one can truly prepare for the unknown, but 2020's craziness showed us just how many companies were almost "too" unprepared. 

Employers had two directions they could go in. They could agree to spend more on their travel programs, partnering up with professionals, and prioritizing future preparedness and protection. Or, they could halt most travel expenses immediately and leave their team on their own until the dust settles.

For additional guidance and help with your duty of care/travel program, we have more than enough resources for you to check out. Here's some of our favorites: 


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Large shifts in expenses shouldn't be what keeps you up at night. The refocus and plan to adapt to those changes should. Even the reasons why certain expenses are shifting should pull more of your focus. Moral of the story, be adaptive, rather than reactive.
Reach out if you're feeling overwhelmed! Our team has solutions and action items to help you get on track

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