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Corporate Travel | The Return of Face-to-Face Business

January 25, 2022

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With corporate travel on the rise, we're ready for all of the 2022 corporate travelers. From in-unit workstations and high-speed internet to community business centers, our apartments are the perfect place to stay while traveling for work this year. 


Corporate Travel in 2022 & Beyond

With more companies expanding globally, traveling for business is on the rise. According to the new business travel index, the BTI™ Outlook by the Global Business Travel Association, there is a 38% surge expected in 2022. 

Whether you're traveling to meet with a client, attend a conference, or close a deal, all business travel is important. Despite the recent wave of Omicron sweeping the country, most travel managers reported that 64% of their employees are “willing” or “very willing” to travel for business in the current environment. 

Why Corporate Travel Is Important

A key corporate strategy to a successful business is a good ol' face-to-face meeting. Some customers and clients even specifically request face-to-face meetings. In-person business tends to be a particularly motivating factor when trying to close a deal or gain business in general. After covid-19 brought a hauling stop to in-person greetings and meetings, many noticed the importance of direct interactions and are eager to begin reconnecting with clients face-to-face. 

Making strong professional relationships can be difficult to do over the phone, on a video call, or via email. Meeting with clients in person can help you make the right impression, network, build relationships and bring the business out into the real world. For some, like event planners and medical equipment sales representatives, making the right impression requires showcasing their products and capabilities outside of the office. Despite the increase in a digital and remote workplace, more and more companies are shifting their efforts to direct, in-person business.


How Will The Shift Towards Remote Work Affect The Return Of Face-To-Face Meetings, Client Visits, Conferences & Corporate Travel? 

After the pandemic, there was an adamant stop to working in the office, in-person meetings, client visits, conferences, and bringing the business out into the world. With the help of vaccines, face-to-face business and industry events have begun their comeback.
We'll begin to see more hybrid formats of corporate staples like in-office demands, business meetings, and conferences. However, with competition and growth on the rise, corporations will warrant the restoration of business travel to retain and gain customers, clients, and investors. 
With the staples of corporate life returning, the turnaround for corporate travel is not far behind. According to the BTI™ Outlook by the Global Business Travel Association, business travel spending will surge to over $1 trillion this year. 

What Does A Full Recovery For The Corporate Travel Industry Depend On?

A full recovery for the corporate travel industry would mean the expenditure for corporate travel is above $1.4 trillion, where we were pre-covid. According to the 2021 Deloitte Corporate Travel Survey, the top five developments to trigger the return of business travel are sustained low infection rates, general population vaccination percentage, reopening of client offices, easing of quarantine requirements, and the reopening of own offices. With the increase in the percentage of those vaccinated and the number of offices reopening, the recovery of the corporate travel industry is more attainable now than it was in 2019, at the start of the pandemic.


We're ready for all of your 2022 corporate travel needs. See our availability here.

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