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No More Delaying The Doctor's Office | Get The Clarity You Need & Hear From Our Compass Cares Experts

September 1, 2020

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Maddy Khentigan
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Maddy Khentigan
Well, we know your secret. You've been preventing going back to the doctors. While you're not alone, you are out of the loop and maybe even in danger. Our Compass Cares experts are here to talk through concerns about returning to regular care and how to take advantage of our program. Keep reading to get answers about going to the doctors post-COVID, the risks of pushing off a check up, and the connection to our Compass Cares program. 


What should you be aware of when thinking about going back to your doctor?

Think about everything being done to protect you. If things weren't triple sanitized before, they're sure being quadruple sanitized now. Also, think about if you were in your doctor's shoes. They don't want to get sick either! If they were truly not prepared to have you come in and resume simple check-ups, vaccinations, etc., they'd stick to online consultations, drive through service, and other thought out solutions if it meant for safer service and less chance of exposure. 


What measures are being taken to ensure safety and sanitization? 

COVID-19 screening is extensive (which is a good thing). Typically, checks will take place both before and after arriving for an appointment. If you show any symptoms of COVID-19, you'll be directed to a different space than those who don't. To prioritize even more social distancing, most offices are allowing patients to wait in their car until their doctor is ready for their appointment, instead of having to wait in a waiting room.  

A few different separation tactics are being implemented. For one, offices have begun to separate time slots for at-risk patients. Healthy patients will be scheduled in the morning, while those who screen positive aren't allowed to schedule until late afternoon. There are even offices with completely different locations that handle COVID-like symptoms. 

PRO TIP: Use the Connect Patient Portal application. With this, you can check in online, pay your copay, and sign all needed documents. There's no need to stop at the reception desk. 


What are the risks of delaying routine checkups or emerging issues?

Here's a story from Dr. David Buchholz to explain what can happen when you avoid medical care:

"My mother is 83 years old. Because of her age, she's at incredibly high risk for COVID-19. She's been scared to death to leave her home. I got a call recently and found out that she had a lot of swelling in one of her legs. As a general pediatrician, I knew almost immediately she had a deep vein thrombosis. I found out that she had been dealing with this issue at home for two full weeks and couldn't walk anymore. Finally, out of panic, she called me,” he recalls. “She was more scared about leaving her home and going to the emergency room than she was concerned about taking care of her leg with a blood clot. Thankfully she’s okay now, but it could have been a serious situation

Buchholz urges patients to call their doctor if they have concerns about the precautions their providers’ offices are taking to reduce exposure. 


What if you're healthy, but due for a simple preventative visit? 

(mammogram, vaccine, teeth cleaning)

At this point, routine care shouldn't be delayed. If you're still feeling anxious, you can always call your office, explain your situation, and see what's possible over telemedicine. Long story short, don't delay care. Countless precautions are being done to ensure your safety and they have no intention of stopping any time soon.  


Taking advantage of our Compass Cares program for treatment/hospital stays

Our Compass Cares program was initially created as a response to the growing housing crisis that patients and their families face everyday. Since COVID-19, families are not only looking for safe, affordable, and convenient housing options close to hospitals, but they're looking for safe, sanitized, and quality stays. 

Staying in your own furnished apartment with fully-equipped kitchens, professional cleaning measures, in-unit laundry, and spacious living areas is exactly the place of solace you need while having to stay close to the hospital - whether it's for treatment, recovery, etc. Instead of staying within the hospital or in the cheapest motel across the street, feel comfortable, cook your favorite meals in your own kitchen, and mitigate exposure all at the same time. 

Don't feel anxious about scheduling that appointment, going to the dentist, or needing a procedure done. Not only are doctors doing everything they can to ensure your safety, but our Compass Cares team is here to give you a safe space close to the hospital, helping to mitigate exposure and give you the incredible experience you deserve.



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