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The Phinney Family: A Compass Cares Story Full Of Emotion, Love, & Support

February 9, 2021

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The Compass Crew was connected with the beautiful Phinney family through our Compass Cares program. We provided the Phinney's a place of respite while their son, George, was being treated at Boston Children's Hospital. Hear the Phinney's tell their story and get a sneak peak of what's to come within our 2020 Compassion Report (coming soon)


Five years ago, my son George was diagnosed at just 6 weeks old with an incredibly rare neurological disorder. For the next three years, he would need emergency care and surgery on a regular basis at Boston Children’s Hospital. Our family had to travel back and forth from our home in Connecticut to the hospital, which was a nearly impossible task.


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We were put in touch with Eric Fleming during one of George’s emergency visits. George had just undergone the first of three brain surgeries. To say we were emotionally exhausted is just scratching the surface. From there, we learned that the years ahead with George would be hard (ok - really hard), but they would also welcome new relationships within our life, such as Compass.


Before Compass, the housing options we saw were very sparse and not affordable for our family. The ideal options that we found close to the hospital were not accommodating, leaving us at a frustrating, concerning loss. Being connected to Eric Fleming was truly a blessing. The way he communicated, especially during these incredibly trying times for our family, was such a gift.  Eric has a way with people that is hard to articulate. He took such great care in providing the logistics needed for our housing without creating an ounce of more stress. Once we got to the apartment, we were truly amazed!  What started as a conversation with a truly  compassionate and genuine person led to the gift and beauty of these apartments.  After that there was no way we could stay anywhere else!


So much is out of our control when our loved ones are sick. When emotional reserves are at all time low in caring for a sick child, the human connection the staff at Compass provided is what impressed us most at first. From there, the comfort and appearance of the apartments were so uplifting. A place to put our things that weren‘t hospital bags, a bed that almost felt like home, and a shower that soothed away some of life‘s hardest burns was a gift that those at Compass may never know got us through our darkest days. You are doing amazing work that heals in some of the most beautiful ways.




George is now a big brother! Baby sister, Lincoln, was born earlier this year so he‘s definitely learning to appreciate his new role. Overall, he has had a really solid last few months. He‘s on a handful of seizure medications given the epilepsy that was also found early on due to his neurological condition. We have moved closer to Boston Children’s Hospital, and I will have to say, that one drawback is we would feel selfish requesting a Compass apartment now. George attends a special needs school just down the road and we are incredibly blessed to have them as part of Team Georgie.


George uses a KidWalk as his most favorite mode of transportation. A KidWalk is like a standing wheelchair that he can control and manipulate to give him much more freedom! We have also adapted a Kicksled for George so he can sled ride with his sister! His development is slow, but steady.  We are being extra diligent given Covid, as some parts of his airway have been slow to develop, so when he gets a cold or some upper airway virus, things escalate pretty fast. Thankfully, we have many many medications and interventions at home which help prevent an ER visit. However, George has made quite a few friends and I have to laugh when the ER nurses know him by first name! They are wonderful people, much like those at Compass. 


Thank you all again for EVERYTHING! You are all angels and I can’t have imagined going through this without Compass.


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