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The 15th Anniversary of Compass! See Our Apartment Evolution, An Interview With Chris & Eric, and Our Incredible Crew

February 2, 2021

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan

 Our 15th anniversary has officially kicked off this month - wohoooo! After all these years of providing housing solutions for everyone from corporate travelers on a business trip to patients and families needing shelter from a global pandemic, Compass continues to grow, adapt, and expand our reach. Let's look at some crazy apartment photos from when we first started, see the interview I did with Chris & Eric Fleming, and give some love to our incredible Compass Crew...


The Evolution Of Our Apartments
Woah, now this is a little crazy to see. It's so easy to forget your starting point when you're constantly focused on growth. Looking at some of our first apartments goes to show the amount of hard work and dedication within this company. Enjoy these 'before & after' photos of our apartments! 
Biltmore 607-Livingroom  
Biltmore 709-Livingroom3  
Biltmore 607-Kitchen 
Biltmore 607-Kitchen-2  
 Biltmore 607-Bedroom  Hub50House_Unit2312 bed1
Biltmore 607-Bedroom2 
Biltmore 609-Bathroom 
An Interview With Chris & Eric Fleming 
Chris Fleming-headshot Eric headshot
I sat down with Chris and Eric to ask them a plethora of questions (which, I mean, is basically a typical day for me, but I digress). I'll leave the full interview linked below. If you haven't read it yet, go check it out! Here's a sneak peak: 



Let’s go back to the beginning days of Compass. Looking back at that first year, tell us about your growing pains. If you could go back and do anything differently, would you?



Chris: There were a lot of growing pains...too many to count! I would say the biggest challenge was not having a team as soon as we did. It was just us for a while. We had to do everything ourselves...and not only do we not know how to do everything, but we aren’t the best at everything, either! We’re the first ones to admit that. Our process was so much slower without a team. Once we had grown enough to get a crew and then instill our passion amongst our team, it was absolutely amazing. As far as what we could’ve done better, we could’ve utilized technology and the evolution of space better. If we had time to look ahead, we might have grown faster and accomplished a lot more goals.


Eric: When we left an old company and started Compass, the automatic trust our clients had in us was so special. I mean, we would tell them, “listen we don’t have any apartments yet, but we need you to give me a lead so I have the opportunity to go get one”. I would literally run into Bed, Bath and Beyond with a list and fill up shopping carts with things to furnish these was crazy! Being so intimately involved, setting up, and getting our hands dirty was such a blessing looking back. We see first hand how it all comes together and the stress everyone goes through. For that, I really wouldn’t do anything differently. Seeing where we are today, I am so proud. Those growing pains were needed in order for us to grow.


Our Incredible Team
Each member of the Compass Crew provides such value, insight, and love to our business. They preform fantastic work, are dedicated and passionate about what they do, and truly make Compass what it is today -- and what it will become tomorrow. For those who aren't familiar with our team, here's the breakdown so you can put faces to names! Thank you, Compass Crew! You (we) are fabulous! 
Chris (aka Brooksy) & Joanna
Chris Brooks-headshot Joanna-headshot
Adam & Brian
Adam-1 Brian
Maddy (aka me 😄)
Maddy ME copy
Ann & Nelson
Ann-2019-small Nelson
Guest Services / Operations
Julie (JJ), Mama G, Kiara
Emily-G KiaraCunningham_Headshot-1
Quality Control
Steve, Jide, German, Armando
Steve Jide
 German not-pictured-male-e1485303246105
Director of Philanthropy
Our Story.
The Past, Present, & Future of Compass Furnished Apartments
Through the ups, the downs, the expansion, and the casual argument over which New Haven pizza ranks #1, there's been a lot change. After last year, I think it's important for both Compass and you (yes, you!), to see the evolution of our company, some fun throwback pictures, and be reminded that the people you work with and the fun you bring into your workplace mean everything. Let's take a look back from where we began in 2006...(everyone turn to page 1, please!)

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