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Our Story. The Past, Present, & Future of Compass Furnished Apartments.

January 19, 2021

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan
Through the ups, the downs, the expansion, and the casual argument over which New Haven pizza ranks #1, there's been a lot change. After last year, I think it's important for both Compass and you (yes, you!), to see the evolution of our company, some fun throwback pictures, and be reminded that the people you work with and the fun you bring into your workplace mean everything. Let's take a look back from where we began in 2006...(everyone turn to page 1, please!)


We opened our first location in Stamford, Connecticut in 2006. We were excited, overwhelmed, but determined to shine. Turns out, we did pretty well! 

As the year came to a close, we'd grown to over 150 furnished apartments throughout different Connecticut and New York counties and had no plans on slowing down. Our sights were set on growth, innovation, and building up a solid crew to work by our side.


old compass crew bar

Aww, look at us :)


2007 was a big year for us. Founding brothers, Chris and Eric Fleming decided to incorporate their passion for sustainability within the company. We improved our process, purpose, and values for a more eco-friendly approach to business. Many of the resulting changes helped reduce waste, were economically beneficial, and motivated our team with the desire to do more good. 


cf ef thing 1 thing 2


By 2008, we opened our Boston office in the heart of the historic North End of Boston and had operational headquarters in Quincy. Our strong presence in Metro-Botson allowed us to quickly grow throughout the state.

(Pst: Here's some Boston content for you to check out once the story is over)


zipline group shot-1
cf ef amber jo
compass retreat 2018 boat building
Since then, we've been on a constant mission to better our process and ability to help others.
What's the best way our technology can work for our team? How can our resident's journey be smoother when it comes to booking, reserving, and getting emails? How can we create a better, more personalized experience for our residents?
We grew our crew, properties, and compassionate spirit even further. Our eyes were set on expansion, partnerships, and sustainability.
Our Compass Cares Program was born out of our passion for giving back and helping those in need. We will continue to do so for as long as Compass is here. We will never stop building our community, bettering our experience, and working together to make a difference. (and despite 2020's challenges, we just had our biggest year yet when it comes to our Compass Cares program - woohoo!)
team rafting edited
c2f our crew
It's no surprise that 2020 threw us a curveball. We had to reinvent our brand, think bigger, and develop new ways to help more people get the shelter they need.
With our COMPASSion at the forefront of our business (get it...'compass'-ion...), we were able to adapt to the world around us and in turn, become a better, more flexible, and more resourceful company.
We now have enhanced sanitization protocol, help those staying with us to mitigate exposure, and new properties throughout New England. Wooo, go team! 
crew 2019 semi annual
We're so thankful to be in a position to support the incredible medical and frontline workers that have continued to work throughout the craziness, along with students, patients, and families needing a safe place of respite.
Compass Crew Retreat 2019
What's next on our story? Well...all I know is that whatever it is, we're gonna rock it
Maybe the story evolves with you! Take a look at some partnership opportunities & past successes:
Partnership Case Study: 'We saved them $54,000 and provided 100% employee satisfaction!"
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