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Are Managed Apartments Right For Me?

June 9, 2020

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Jill Lamb
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Jill Lamb

If the past few months have proven anything, it is that the American Entrepreneurial spirit is tenacious. We have been reaching out to our clients to hear how their business needs have changed, how their services have pivoted, and how they are planning to move forward. Many have used the last few months to refocus their corporate strategy to streamline processes and tighten budgets. 

With travel limitations, new regulations, and an amplified approach to controlling their employees and client journeys from their brand point of view, we introduced a new managed apartment partnership program


Learn how this program can help:



managed apartment program is a new dynamic housing solution built for the future of Real Estate. In short, we will advise your team on creating a furnished apartment program within your own portfolio. Our team works with your brand experts to create an extension of your property and overall brand identity and brings it into a short-term housing model.  With this no-risk model, we become an extension of your team. We bring our knowledge of hospitality, furnishings, and overall customer experience and partner with you to handle the heavy lifting – getting the apartments rented and handling the entire reservation process. 


Not looking to handle furnishing and equipping the apartments? Not a problem. Within this program we offer furniture and housewares rentals as well as a buying program. 



We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your brand and how important it is to maintain consistency. Our Managed Apartment Program allows you to create furnished short-term offerings in your unique vision. With our guidance and specifications, you'll furnish and provide the decor and housewares for each apartment according to your own style.


Not prepared to purchase furnishing?
Not a problem. We can help you purchase or rent from a variety of sources. 


Today’s style of living demands maximum flexibility. Furnished, unfurnished, short term or long term, it just makes sense that landlords provide a variety of lease choices to attract a diverse group of renters. Incorporating a short term furnished apartment strategy into your portfolio will not only attract a more diverse audience but also provide your existing residents a unique “Guest Suite” amenity for visiting friends and family. The best part is you won’t have to worry about managing any of this.


A more diverse offering means a more diverse tenant population and a more diverse marketing plan.  Did you know that over 30% of our clients staying temporarily end up renting long term in the building we housed them in?


As an added bonus, being in our managed program, we market your property to all of our proprietary channels including website, corporate clients, relocation management companies, and corporate travel agencies. Sounds pretty great right? We like to think so.




Apartment hunting clients who are fearful of commitment will become a thing of the past. With managed apartments as part of our portfolio, knowing that your clients can "try out" a property without the fear of signing a long-term lease gives you a leg up. Conversely, we can take traditional real estate listings and provide a furniture package to fit your client's needs if they are looking for a furnished rental or long-term solution. 



Businesses have changed. Whether your travel plan has gotten a make over, restrictions have been put in place, telecommuting is the new norm, or your duty of care policy has your employees staying in the suburbs for work travel going forward, things are in some way, shape, or form - different. 


After hearing how needs have changed we decided we needed to provide new ways to support our clients.  For some, they have used the pandemic to invest in real estate properties, for others they are looking for suburban options for short-term travel.  Our managed apartment program takes the headache out of the logistics for our clients; we handle the entire furnishing, décor, and reservation process. Our goal is to make you look good to your team while navigating these new waters. 



Our Managed Apartment Program exemplifies partnership - You are an extension of us, we are an extension of you. Our goal is and will always be to create unique hospitality and living experiences for our guests, but beyond that, we want to provide innovative services to support your needs as they evolve. Our managed apartment program is just one of those ways where we strive to create that custom solution for you and your teams needs.  


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