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How To Become A Participating Partner - Create And Build Your Own Opportunity

April 6, 2021

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan
The launch of our 2020 Compassion Report has brought so much support and shared compassion between our entire network - from everyone including our corporate contacts, our Compass Cares families, and our mobility partners. We're sharing new resources on how you can join our Compass Cares program, creative ways to get involved, what to expect from us, and both the personal and corporate benefits that getting involved brings to the table.
Before we get started, let's look at the impact we had within 2020, as well as our all-time impact since the launch of our program in 2018:
Our partnership opportunities are endless. 
The beauty of 'becoming a participating partner' is the fact that anyone who wants to get involved has the ability to make an incredible impact. Creativity and constant brainstorming sessions are the foundation of our growth. There are no set in stone ways to join in. 
Together, we will collaborate and use our like-minded compassion and creativity to develop the perfect partnership. Here are a few past and present partnership examples: 
    • Properties: Leverage Rates & Availability For Patients
    • Sponsor A Floor
    • Sponsor An Apartment 
    • Host An Event
    • Donate To Our Room To Heal Fund
    • Collate A Fundraising Event With Us
    • Add To Our Welcome Baskets
    • Donate Days From Your Guest Suite Each Month To A Family In Need

      Supplier Specific
    • In-Kind Donations
    • Coupons & Discount Codes
    • Free w/ Purchase
      • (example: ride share credits, beanies or masks donates, grocery starter set for patient's arrival, comforting blanked donation)

 compass gift to resident - wine Tommy train blanket compass cares Hanover Kindness Rocks

What to expect from us when becoming a participating partner: 

Throughout the years, we’ve grown and enhanced our partnership marketing efforts, treating them as a true extension of our team. Your contribution and joined effort are vital for the continued growth and impact of our program.  Let’s go over what your team can expect from Compass once our partnership is finalized…


Exclusive Compassion Report Spread

Partnering with Compass gives us an excuse to show off the amazing impact you’ve helped create. Our next annual Compassion Report will have a reserved section dedicated to our partnership. 


A Case Study That Matters

Our content creators are ready to see our partnership unfold and record those results to create a beautiful, impactful, and relevant case study for both of us to share. 


Our Network Of Clients 

By educating our network about your property’s involvement within our program, you’ll be getting exposure to an entirely new subset of clients. 


Shared & Created Content To Our Audience

Via email marketing, social channels, & website


Press Release Creation & Launch


 clown photo july 2016 closer to free Roary bch
Community & Staff Involvement 

Most Compass Cares families are traveling to new, unknown locations with no local family or friends to help acclimate them. We expect you to give these families a support system beyond a housing solution or tangible piece of your brand. Turn something stressful and overwhelming into a positive memory that they’ll remember.


Our crew feels so rewarded and fulfilled through this program. Share and give that experience to your staff, community, residents, and friends. Involve your network and allow them to connect with these families to provide a little more comfort.


How you can do this: 

    • Educate your network and let them know your involvement within our program
    • Create to-do guides and local recommendations for families. We can email them your list or create print outs to place within their apartment on move-in day 
    • Host a resident event where you create welcome baskets for them
    • Welcome families into your community with compassion, understanding, and kindness


clowning around with league ladies
Next Steps

What do you think? Let's continue the conversation and figure out how you can get involved. Once we figure out how you can help, we'll formalize next steps and talk contracts - including any documents, outlines, flexibility, restrictions, and expectations needed that will allow us to hit the ground running and create an incredible impact! 

Email and get the conversation going!

Here's a huge thank you from your Philanthropy Team. We look forward to working together! 

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