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From The Boroughs To The Burbs

May 12, 2020

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Jill Lamb
Written By
Jill Lamb

In the past, so many people have looked to moving towards cities. Whether it is to lower commute times, the comfort of having everything within arms reach, or having more options at their disposal, cities have always offered convenience and excitement.

Then came this pandemic.

Although states are slowly starting to open back up, for those living in the inner cities, there is still a sense of missing out. Whether it be cabin fever, or just the feeling of fear that the denseness that cities offer, residents are looking for a change.

Nearly 40 percent of adults living in urban areas are considering moving “out of populated areas and toward rural areas,” according to a recent Harris Poll, with 43 percent having actively browsed for homes or apartments outside the city online.

Now while we don't know what will happen to the future of travel in the next coming weeks, months, and beyond, but, we do know that if you decide that you are looking to try out "The Burbs' we are here for you. 


Reasons to Choose "The Burbs"

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Space, Space, and More Space
  3. Improved Mental State
  4. Happier Pets
  5. Less Crowded


Cost Savings

Living in a city will naturally be more expensive than more residential areas. With the cost of living drastically lower than its counterpart, not only will you be saving money, but you will be gaining so much more bang for your buck. With a cheaper cost of living, added with gourmet kitchens, extra storage, and more rooms, why would you not think about moving the "the Burbs".

Curious to hear more? Ask our Compass Crew about price differences in our cities compared to our more residential locations. 


Space Space & More Space
As I said before if you are saving money and can get more space while you are at it, why wouldn't you? The idea of having more rooms to work and play, space for your hobbies, and hopefully soon - your family and friends..... the suburbs offer the potential for growth. Not to mention, having the added benefit of a yard offers endless possibilities - now is the time to adopt your new furry friend.


Improved Mental State

Let's be serious for a moment. Cabin fever is REAL. Living in a quaint suburban area allows for a multitude of outdoor activities. After all, vitamin D has a medicinal effect on your well being.  Embracing the outdoors has been proven to boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, enhance creativity, and restore focus. Not to mention being away from the density the city offers can put your mind at ease. 


Happy Pets

I have never understood why so many city apartment buildings put restrictions on pet sizes. In my opinion an 80 lbs golden retriever behaves better than my in-laws two 5 lbs. balls of terrors aka their Chihuahuas. That said, a move to the suburbs means more space and happier pets. After all, your pets are important! Compass promises to never turn you away because of your furry friends. We also want to make sure your pet is just as comfortable and secure in your new space as you are.


Less Crowded

It’s no secret that cities are populated. Busy streets and lots of action are expected. While to some that’s the beauty of the city, it can be a bummer for others. Residential areas are often quieter, less populated, and are naturally more comfortable than cities. More open spaces, parks, and greenery are available to you in these types of locations, as well. Quincy is right by the shoreline, too, so being able to have beautiful constant views of the water is a huge plus! 

Is coming home to quaint and quiet after a long day an important part of your lifestyle? Or does living in the hustle-and-bustle of the city something you’re completely accustomed to? All things to think about!


With companies embracing their staff working from home, living in “The burbs” seems more feasible now more than ever before.


The good thing about working with our team is that you can test out the idea of moving to “The Burbs”, by staying in a temporary furnished home. We take your needs seriously, and will put you in a temporary home that is clean, safe, and checks all of the boxes for your needs and lifestyle.


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