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Suburban Over City Living. Opting-In For Nearby Residential Apartments Instead.

April 23, 2019

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At Compass, the demand for our Boston apartments are never-ending. Due to many residents traveling to Boston for work, medical, or personal reasons, the need is there. However, we’ve seen an upward trend in our clients originally looking to stay in Boston, pulling away and opting for our Quincy apartments, which is a more residential area 15 minutes away from Boston.

With that being said, it’s no surprise that in 2012 Associated Press released information saying that for the first time in a century, America's largest cities were growing faster than their suburbs. However, that news fell short in 2015 once Brookings Institute showed city populations halting growth rates - explaining that more people are now opting-in to live in nearby residential areas instead.

After doing our research and asking residents, we’ve laid out the top reasons why residential areas are something to look into over city living...even if you’re doing business in the city!

Also, keep in mind, you’re never on your own!  Our Compass Crew will help guide you to your perfect location - something that makes the most sense, is the most comfortable, and most customized to you and your lifestyle.


Cost of Living

Living in a city will naturally be more expensive than more residential areas. This is due to the demand for everyday goods and services being higher than residential areas. Ask our Compass Crew about price differences in our cities compared to our more residential locations.

However, while rent is cheaper in the suburbs, you do have to take into account transportation and fuel expenses. In Boston, you might be able to get by with walking, however in Quincy, you either have to drive about 20 minutes to the city or take a shuttle, bus, etc. The “T” is life in Boston - most commuters opt for a T-pass. A trip to Boston from Quincy is about 20 minutes via T, so most residents that choose to stay in Quincy have a T-pass and don’t mind the short ride over at all.

While one could argue that city living will increase your entertainment and food costs, it goes to show that you need to take into account your lifestyle and comfort level when traveling. What makes more sense for you? Would you mind having a small drive if it means living in a quieter, more suburban place? 


More Space

If you could choose to get a larger, more spacious apartment for the same rate as you would a smaller one, wouldn't you? Your dollar has an opportunity to stretch further in the suburbs, plain and simple. For less money, more square footage can be available to you.

If you have family or pets traveling with you, this extra space is definitely appreciated.  Even if you’re traveling solo, extra room is sacred! While a place in the city can be perfectly suitable for families or someone with pets, it is most ideal for someone who doesn’t require a ton of space and can adapt to the city sizes and busy environments. Everyone’s preferences are different.

Before choosing where to stay, start visualizing the living space that best suits your lifestyle, belongings and future plans. We’re here to help you decide, too!


Less Crowded

It’s no secret that cities are populated. Busy streets and lots of action are expected. While to some that’s the beauty of the city, it can be a bummer for others. Residential areas are often quieter, less populated, and are naturally more comfortable than cities. More open spaces, parks, and greenery is available to you in these types of locations, as well. Quincy is right by the shoreline, too, so being able to have beautiful constant views of the water is a huge plus!  (Image by Giphy)

Is coming home to quaint and quiet after a long day an important part of your lifestyle? Or does living in the hustle-and-bustle of the city something you’re completely accustomed to? All things to think about!


Your Mental State

Living where you work is difficult. Being surrounded by the same environment day-in day-out can take a toll on mental stability and serenity. Ending your days by leaving the city and going to a quaint suburb has the ability to help you relax, unwind, and get you fully refreshed for the coming day. No matter what works for you, making sure you’re in a place of peace and comfort is number one, and a more suburban area has the potential to do just that.


Better Parking

Due to the nature of city apartments, parking usually comes as an additional fee, where as with residential areas, it’s usually already included in your rent or would come at no additional cost (of course this varies between locations). Depending on your daily routine, not paying for parking can be a huge benefit! Ask our crew how our parking works within our more residential apartments here.

Happier Pets  

Your pets are important! Compass promises to never turn you away because of your furry friends. We also want to make sure your pet is just as comfortable and secure in your new space as you are. With that, pets get anxious when thrown into new environments, especially cities. If your pet isn’t used to a  city lifestyle, busy surroundings, etc., staying in the city could put it through additional, unneeded stress!

Residential areas can leave your pet at ease, with less action, more peaceful walking paths, and more dog parks. Our crew knows that traveling with your fur babies can be hard, so we've compiled our favorite tips to help make their (and your) traveling that much easier! Click here to read!


At the end of the day, making sure you’re comfortable, secure, and able to adapt easily in your apartment is key. We want to provide you with all options you might’ve not been aware of previously. Staying in one of our residential areas could be a game-changer for you! 


Have you stayed with us previously and looking for a new way to experience a furnished apartment? Give it a try!

New to Compass? You have options! Our Crew of experts will guide you to the best home away from home for your next stay. 


If you have to go into the city, just know you don't have to live within the action. After all, it’s not for everyone! Now, with all this being said...take me to the burbs, stat!

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