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Meet Your On-Site Boston Expert. An Interview with Tiffany, Your Local Compass Guide.

July 16, 2019

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If you're not used to city life, staying in a Boston apartment can cause more stress and additional anxiety, no one wants that! Customer experience is important to us. Especially with the hustle and bustle in the city, having an on-site expert is definitely a welcome resource. That's where Tiffany comes in. Keep reading to see how she is essential for creating an amplified customer experience.


(your new best friend)

Tiffany Collage

Tiffany is your on-site Property Manager for ARTlab DX & ARTlab Back Bay. If you need help, have questions, or just want to say hi, you'll find her in the office (that is when she's not running to and from our other Boston properties). When she's not assisting residents, you can find her exploring new restaurants, spending time with family and friends, walking her dog, or kayaking. Moving anywhere can be stressful, let alone Boston! She's here to make sure you're comfortable, acclimated, and well taken care of. 

We decided to sit Tiffany down and ask her a few questions about her role, her responsibilities, and some of her favorite customer experiences. Enjoy!


Q: What is ARTlab?

A: ARTlab to me is the ability and opportunity to showcase things that make Boston such a rich and vibrant city. The artists we feature on our walls open people’s minds to new and more thoughtful perspectives.


Welcome to ARTlab DX sign




Q: How is ARTlab Living different than our other apartments?

A: ARTlab Living is a completely immersive experience, more so than our other apartments. Our ARTlab buildings were specifically designed to get you exploring your vibrant new city. While these buildings don't come equipped with the amenities you see in our other apartments, they do have something extremely unique and special to them. Each apartment has been transformed into its own local art gallery. We've partnered with local artists to display their art in these buildings, helping to immerse residents into the phenomenal local culture surrounding them. Even when you walk up to the building, it's fun, adventurous vibe is clear as day. Our buildings are covered with fun colors and patterns. Our publicity and brand colors pop with hot pink, purple, and teal, to show our fun-loving nature, too!



See the history behind ARTlab here.


Q: What do you do for ARTlab? 

A: I make sure guests arriving have everything they need to feel right at home. 


This can be: 

    • Providing directions to the property
    • Helping with the check in process
    • Helping them get acclimated to the apartment
    • Making suggestions on local must do’s, I also help facilitate any Issues that may arise during the stay, think of me as your personal concierge. 


I deeply care about my residents and do my best to go above and beyond, always. I try to think of everything you could possible need, helping to alleviate stress and promote positivity every day. 


Q:   What do you think defines good customer service?

A: Exceeding expectations, having the ability to understand the guests needs (sometimes even before they do), and knowing that you’ve made them feel welcome in a friendly and helpful way.  My wish is that when a guest leaves, we part as friends. 


Our other Guest Services crew members share the same passion for hospitality as I do. Emily, aka "Mama G", from our Stamford office, believes in creating human connections to guest services. It's innate in our nature and something we all have in common.

Q: Why do you like working for Compass?

A: The best part of working for Compass is meeting people from all walks of life, and not just our residents, our crew, too! Our Compass Crew is full of different people with different backgrounds. However, outside of our day-to-day, we are constantly coming together as beer connoisseurs, adrenaline junkies, and world travelers. I truly think that our shared experiences help us all to grow. We’re able to treat each other with more compassion and respect. 


The Compass Crew at our annual retreat!


Q: What has been your favorite resident experience?

A: It is hard for me to pick a favorite!  But the most rewarding experience is whenever I’m able to help families who come for medical stays. We have a program called Compass Cares that helps provide housing while people get treatment and I feel truly honored to have the ability to help those that need it most, at one of the most difficult times of their lives, too. 



Wrappin' It Up!

The ARTlab Living sense of community combined with the experience Tiffany brings to her residents, truly creates a magical experience. It was evident to see her passion shine through within this interview. Make sure to stop by and see Tiffany if you're around our Boston ARTlab Living properties.  

I hoped you enjoyed learning more about Tiffany, ARTlab Living, and our company values! To learn more about our company values, click here!

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