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The Complete Breakdown of INBOUND 2019. Hubspot's Biggest Conference Yet. Top Takeaways and Key Quotes.

September 10, 2019

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Maddy Khentigan
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Maddy Khentigan
News, Education

INBOUND attendees used more wifi bandwidth than attendees at the Super Bowl. Woah. Find out why...

Every year, tens of thousands of marketers, salespeople, and customer success pros meet up in Boston for a week of learning, inspiration, and connection at INBOUND, an interactive, technology driven conference. The event is full of inspiring talks from speakers like Michelle Obama, Issa Rae, and Gary V, plus educational breakout sessions led by some of the most successful and noteworthy business leaders.

OH...and of course we can't forget about the adult ball pit, live art installations, comedy shows, booze, and parties. :)

This year, our Compass Crew took home a lot of helpful info and inspiring lessons that'll help YOU - no matter what your job is. Here's your INBOUND 2019 summary, including a video that'll make you feel like you went to the event yourself, our quotes, lessons, and takeaways. Let's get into it...

HAVE FOMO? We would if we were you. Experience INBOUND yourself through this video we put together. Can you tell we had a good time?






Jill is our Marketing Manager here at Compass. She sat in on lessons lead by founders and presidents of insanely successful companies with A LOT of advice to share.

Making sure all of our departments align with the common goal of Compass, our marketing messaging, and our top company values is something she works on everyday. #SheIsAwesome.

Her biggest takeaways from INBOUND were seeing trends throughout multiple industries on creating a customer centric mentality, growing better by way of technology, and being authentic. 



Her favorite session: 

Buyers Buy Outcomes: Why YourSales Messaging & Process Attract Undesired, Price-Obsessed Customers by Liz Simpson (Founder of Stimulyst).



Meet Amber, our rockstar Head of Philanthropy! Here's what Amber had to say about her first INBOUND experience:

"My favorite part of INBOUND was the sessions. They were geared towards teaching us best practices, not just implementing their solutions. Each session provided me with practical solutions to bring back to Compass to enhance the customer experience while using the technology to work smarter, not harder, which I totally love. 

#INBOUND really opened my eyes to innovative possibilities that could be applied to so many facets of the business, from sales, to marketing to operations and the customer experience. I walked out of each session energized on how we could apply this to our own customer experience". 


Her favorite session: 

21 Workflows to Keep Your CRM Squeaky Clean by Sean Henri (Founder of Pepperland Marketing.).





Whoop, whoop! Hey, it's me, Maddy, the Content Strategist at Compass! My sessions throughout INBOUND were all about the integration between sales & marketing and tips towards building valuable content towards your audience (so I hope this is valuable...or at least fun). 

I'm constantly creating new content for Compass. It's hard finding that one piece you know everyone will love. I always need to make sure my content is relevant and helpful, so INBOUND really helped me out. Their take on creativity and the essential role of marketing in a sales process was what left me most inspired and motivated. The adult ball pit was cool, too...and the wine, also a great touch. 



My favorite session: 

How to Generate Revenue with Content Marketing by Kelsey Raymond (CEO of Influence & Co.).




Adam is our Reservations Manager and this was his first time at #INBOUND! His sessions were focused on sales, the buyer process, and client relations. 

Day to day, you can find Adam walking around with his earpiece making sure everything is on track, clients are moving through the sales process, and the Compass charm is always on point when building relationships with our clients.

His biggest takeaway from INBOUND was seeing the relationship between marketing & sales, as well as everyone's tips on building authentic, meaningful relationships with each client.


His favorite session: 

Boston Sports Panel with Alex Cora, Red Sox Manager, Jon Kraft, President of the Patriots, and Brad Stevens, head Coach of the Boston Celtics


What else do we have to say?


maddy 1 amber 1
jill2 amber2
amber4 adam2


All businesses should be going to conferences like this! See how we manage our time and productivity when we attend these types of events here!

Did you go to INBOUND? How was your experience? Let us know on LinkedIn!

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