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How To Get Executive's Buy-In | Create The Perfect Proposal & Get Leadership Agreeing To Partner With Compass!

August 13, 2019

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Companies without set travel policies force employees to fend for themselves and plan accommodations alone. Some employees may feel awkward that their decisions may throw management for a loop. What's "too expensive"? "Is my choice of accommodation being judged" etc...


Getting executives to officially incorporate a provider like Compass Furnished Apartments into their business model can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. We know travel planning is already stressful enough, so we put together the perfect guide to help get your leadership's buy in.

We're here to help you pull relevant information when trying to present a compelling case to executives. Show them everything from increased retention rates, case studies, cost savings and quality treatment.

Once you’re done, they won’t be able to refuse...because who wants to pay more for less?


Present Credible Evidence

Sometimes it’s okay to brag. Especially in these circumstances.


This applies to everything from buying a house to buying a t-shirt online. With that...adapting an entirely new travel process into your business applies, as well. It is a big decision after all! It's more important than ever to have first hand experience backing up your decision making.

Showing successful case studies, testimonials, and real life experiences automatically show executives that we aren't messing around. We’re successful, we know what we are doing, and we are positive this change will benefit your company for a multitude of reasons.

Attached is the perfect corporate case study to show executives. It shows how a globally recognized reinsurance company increased their employee retention, lowered their travel costs, and successfully relocated families internationally by partnering with Compass. Saving money AND increasing employee retention seems like a no brainer.

If that wasn’t enticing enough, we’ve adapted #TestimonialTuesday to our weekly posting schedule. Every Tuesday comes equipped with not only a new blog post, but a review from one of our residents. Using these quotes from real life corporate clients, traveling road warriors, and other executives themselves only validates our professionalism and credibility even more. Make sure to pull these out throughout your proposal!


“Our employees have loved the temporary housing provided by Compass. Several have said they wished it would not end and that I would forget there was a limit. So far all the people we transferred are still with us. Several did comment that having a happy place to stay made them fresher for the work day.”

- Vice President of Administration and Benefits, RIC


Yes, we provide beautiful apartments, but at this point...that’s expected. Remove any additional skepticism by showing our dedication to building personalized experiences within each of our stays. We combine our highly sought-after apartments with our Core Culture Values to build unforgettable moments that support work-life balance ideologies. Our “Live Like A Local” strategies ensure that all employees have the most authentic, comfortable experience. Staying in an unfamiliar city can be nerve-racking. Our work doesn’t stop after we’ve successfully set up an individual in an apartment.


Educate. Educate. Educate.

We know Corporate Housing is an unknown territory for many people.

Sharing simple facts about Corporate Housing has a tendency to sway opinions more than you think. Executives will start to realize that there’s a true benefit to Corporate Housing - benefits with so much value, your boss won't be able to turn their back on it.

Talk to them about Corporate Housing, furnished apartments, etc., and finish it off by relating it all back to your company and the “what’s in it for them?” factor.



For example:

  • Do you know what all apartments come equipped with? A kitchen and all needed cooking equipment for one. Your employees don’t have to eat out for every meal when they travel from now on, which can be a huge burden.
  • Is fitness a main priority, nutrition, and housekeeping? Our additional services include everything from fitness packages to making sure your selected groceries are in your apartment before you move in.
  • How does laundry get done? Each apartment comes with in-unit washers and dryers! Now, your employees can do laundry from the convenience of their own space. We even throw in some detergent and dryer sheets for them, too!

See...we aren’t kidding when we say that we want to make sure our apartments feel like home. This goes beyond travel accommodations. This is about creating worry-free living environments - setting your team up for success no matter where they are.

Speaking of setting your team up for success, let’s talk about the benefit of not only employee retention, but top talent acquisition. In today’s highly competitive corporate world, partnering with a Corporate Housing provider allows you to entice, attract and obtain today’s top talent - something that all companies need to be thinking about.

Explaining our personalized quality, retention + satisfaction rates, and top talent acquisition to higher-ups pretty much earns us brownie points at this point.


DID YOU KNOW: Serviced apartments are already a widely adopted norm internationally. For your international travelers, they will feel at home to this practice, for your domestic travelers, they will feel like you've rolled out the red carpet.


Business Is Personal. And Good People Are Important.

Let’s not forget the power of chemistry and the simplicity of working with a team who isn't afraid of a humanistic approach when it comes to business. We’re not only locals, but total foodies, beer connoisseurs, and adventure seekers! Learn more about who you're doing business with. 


We wanted to mention this little bit about the “experience” aspect of our business because this is a make or break for a lot of potential clients. If your company’s main focus is quickly getting an open room for an employee no matter what quality, convenience, etc. it is for that employee...we probably won’t be for you. Just a disclaimer. We pride ourselves on working with like-minded companies who care about the well-being and comfort of their staff.


Show Executives the Numbers!

Let’s talk about cost savings.

Credibility, education, and now...cost savings. This goes into one of the biggest myths there is when it comes to furnished apartments - thinking that they’re “sooooo much more expensive” when compared to hotels. Let’s debunk that right now.


Quick cost summary:

The average hotel room is $286/day.

A Compass Fully Furnished Apartment averages at $185/day.


Let’s dive in a bit more..

A hotel room is around 250 square feet.

Our apartments average over 600 square feet.


A hotel room has the bare minimum - linens, bathroom, mini fridge…

Our apartments have everything plus the kitchen sink (literally).


Here’s our “Cost Comparison” infographic that goes into more detail about how much you actually save with Compass. 

Now What...

Get more shocking statistics and provided solutions to present in our "Attracting & Keep Top Talent" page! 

Arming yourself with accurate, comprehensive saving data between Compass Vs. DIY travel accommodations allows you to make a strong factual case. Successful case studies, retention benefits, and quality employee treatment comes together to form the perfect proposal - winning over any executive.


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