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Once Travel Starts Again, It's Going To Be Insane | Simplify Your Process & Get Ready For The Craziness

March 17, 2020

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan
Once travel kicks back up again, it's going to be insane. Use this uncertain time and lull in travel to revisit the current way you go about travel - both personally and professionally. Use this as a time to get prepared, update your routine, and be as proactive as possible before everything gets back to normal. When people get the "okay" to travel again, there's going to be a lot of competition that you need to prepare for.
Follow these tips to simplify your process and get recognized for your incredible travel planning skills. 


1. Prioritize Your Time Better 

First things first, figure out how you're spending your time.

Ask yourself: 

- What part of travel management blocks up your day?

- Do you see yourself wasting time on redundant tasks?


Figuring out your step by step routine gives you a deeper look on how efficiently (or inefficiently) you're using your time. From there, you can pinpoint problem areas and redundancies in your routine. Get rid of busywork and see if you can combine or eliminate certain tasks. 

PRO TIP: Create a digital version of your step by step routine. This keeps you on track, makes sure you're not missing anything, and takes the stress away from completing everything from memory. This will also make it easier to onboard new hires that are tasked with this same responsibility! 


2. Get Your Travel Policy In Order

Being a structured, efficient travel manager isn't possible without having a structured, efficient travel policy.


a) If your company deals with corporate travel, but has no policy, it's time to make one.

b) If you do have a policy, but it needs a heavy revamp, look no further. We’ve laid out helpful guidelines and tips on how to get started making a corporate travel policy. Leave executives impressed and never stress about employee travel accommodations again!


3. Stay On Top Of Google Calendar

communication iconYour Google Calendar (or similar) will be your new best friend. Use calendar sharing with your travelers to plug in flights, needed info, and reservation details. If anything changes or you need to get in touch with your traveler, this is a great tool because you already have their schedule and know when they'll be available to talk. 


4. Partnerships Are Worth It

What if we told you there’s one key piece that companies aren’t taking advantage of? This missing piece not only provides you with all the answers, but takes the stress off your shoulders and leaves you with a top notch travel plan at your disposal.That’s exactly what happens when you incorporate a Corporate Housing provider into your travel policy.

connection icon

Whether you need to move someone for a few weeks or relocate an entire family internationally for a year, we’ve got you covered. We provide guaranteed quality, increased employee retention, and treat all partners & residents like our own valued staff. To top it off, Corporate Travel companies do all the work for you. There’s no need to push aside your workload in order to figure out planning these accommodations. Think about your role, your schedule, and your company to see if this is an option to look into.


We're ready to lay it all out and answer any questions you have about possible partnerships! Learn more about partnering with Compass, how to create the perfect proposal, and how to get buy in from executives.


5. Feedback Is Your Friend

Asking your team for feedback is taxing, but when it comes to the travel accommodations for THEIR trip, you should know what they think! What policies, processes, and details can be improved? What can you do on your end to make their trip more seamless and productive? Asking for constructive feedback will only help you in the long run, so trust what your team has to say!


At the end of the day, travel management tactics change. Even the most structured, efficient, top notch travel manager has to follow the ever-changing trends of travel, technology, and the travelers themselves. Take COVID-19 for example! Crazy, unexpected things happen...that's life. Make sure you're revisiting your routine every few months to make sure you're keeping up with this crazy world of ours...because if you don't, you'll be gone with the wind in no time!


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Hey, guys! It's Maddy, the Content Creator at Compass. Travel management is timely! You should partner with someone*cough cough* Compass! Find me here on Linkedin. I'd love to connect! 

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