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Will Your Business Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? How To Keep Your Business Alive.

October 29, 2019

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Maddy Khentigan
Written By
Maddy Khentigan

Your business must be prepared for any type of emergency, including a zombie apocalypse. You think we’re joking, right? You think this is absolutely ridiculous? Yeah, we thought so. Believe us, we’re just one freak outbreak away from becoming the reality show version of AMC’s, “The Walking Dead”. Since Halloween is only a few days away, we took this opportunity to save both you and your business throughout the end of the world. Here’s how you and your business can survive a zombie apocalypse. Share this advice to save lives and resurrect your ROI.

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How Fast Until Your Business Is Affected? 

According to Cornell physics, this depends on your location. They’ve created a virtual “Zombietown USA” map based on both 2010 US Census Data and mathematical models to track the spread of a possible infection. 

We left the link below so you can adjust parameters, change the kill-to-bite ratio, and the spread of the zombies.  Just click on a city and watch the infection grow.




Long story short, we hope you’re not in a big city. According to this projected time-lapse, New York City will be overrun in 24 hours. Small populated areas go a lot slower. If you are in a big city, or even a small town for that matter, you won’t have much time to prepare. 

It won’t take long until zombies are affecting the normal day to day. Once that happens, everything is at risk  - your employees, your location, your partners, and your projections. 


Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or hiring frenzy, you need to move fast. Make sure you're tackling issues straight on...or, head on, for that matter. Problems could be anything from a shortage of office snacks to being completely surrounded by the undead. 

How are you going to problem solve? Does your team have what it takes to think fast? Do you have the right resources? Be upfront with these types of questions. In a situation like this, you can never be too self aware.

To see how long it will take until your business is affected, click here



Your company is only as strong as your team, right? Crisis management is everything. Make sure you team is full of survivors who you know have the willpower and self determination to create a life for themselves even once zombies roam the streets. 

Your millennial workers will be a big asset throughout the apocalypse. After all, if $40,000 in student loans won’t stop them, zombies won’t either. 

Pro Zombie Tip: Think PARTNERSHIPS, too. You’re going to want as many people fighting for you and your business as you can get. We’ll give you a head start on our “How To Partner With Compass” page. 

Need to add more survivors to your team?  No problem. Our “How to Attract, Entice, and Keep Top Talent” page will do just that. 




Zombies or not, the future of business is flexibility.

Move all your business to the cloud and let employees work remote. Living employees could be trapped, on the move, or on a zombie hunting mission. Having schedule flexibility and a remote workspace helps them stay alive all while hitting their deadlines…(get it, DEADlines). 



Zombies are stupid and they don’t care about damaging your property. Make sure you secure all needed infrastructure in a safe and secure place. 

Pro Zombie Tip: Cover everything with tarps and tie it all down. This will protect everything from flying brains and gross zombie guts. 



If you do need to keep your physical office location afloat, you need to make sure all exits, entrances, dead ends, and windows are in case of emergencies. Make sure you give this tip to all remote employees, as well. No matter where they are or where they land for the night, this is a staple survival tip that should always be followed.

If they’re safe, your safe. So spread the news. 



Think of this as your long vs. short term goals and priorities. With proper goal setting and deliverable dates, your business could very well be operational again before all the outbreak has cleared.  

Know what resources you have. Know what you need right now, next week, next month, and so on. Only use what you need and keep an inventory of everything.

Keeping your team and your operations in line is key to functionality. 



As time goes on, make sure your team stays motivated  and determined to thrive in the new world. Zombies have a tendency to terrify and give off a “hopeless” feeling to most, so making sure you’re present and there for your crew is more vital than ever before. 

Use these resources to keep momentum going. 



If a zombie outbreak occurred it would be the first throughout history. There’s no guidelines, learning lessons, or past experience to base anything off of.

So, it starts with you. Write down learning curves, advice, and mistakes you’ve made.

Talk to your team about their experience, too. Everybody needs to be on the same page. 


While zombies aren't an issue now, that doesn't mean they won't be in the future. Make sure you're prepared for all possible scenarios. What do you think, if the apocalypse happened tomorrow would you be prepared?

Whether its zombies, burnout, or an overwhelming change to your company, having resources and partners to help you combat these issues head on make the intangible manageable. Use this resources below to help your chance of survival.


Zombies aka Burnt Out Employees: Your #1 Prevention Plan

Zombie Survival 101: Learn The Ways Of The Road. Road Warrior Survival Guide. 

Leave Zombies In The Dust: Top Applications Traveling Survivors Need On Their Phones


For more information about zombies, visit CDC.

To start building your Zombie Survival Team, click here.




Hey, guys! It's Maddy, the Content Creator at Compass. Halloween is my favorite holiday ... so I couldn't give up the opportunity to create a Halloween themed blog. Hope you enjoyed!

Find me here on Linkedin, I'd love to connect and talk more zombies. 

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