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How to Make Your Short-Term Apartment Feel Like Home

March 12, 2019

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Kaitlyn Casso (KC)
Written By
Kaitlyn Casso (KC)

Whether you’re moving into a short-term apartment for a few months or even just a few days, I’m sure you’d want to make it as comfortable as possible. Who wants to stay somewhere that feels stale and uninviting? As a hospitality company, we do our best to make our apartments feel cozy and comfortable by adding decorative items, individual blankets, and even artwork to bring the walls to life. However, everyone has their own personal style and lifestyle that they can bring to their apartments to make it feel like a true home away from home and I’m here to help give you some ideas!

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Bringing A Little Piece of Home

Have a favorite blanket? Can’t sleep without your essential oils diffusor? Bringing a little piece of home with you will help transform it into something familiar in no time! Bring some pictures of your family and friends or even a plant to add more life to your new apartment. If these details are things you would normally add to your home to make it feel cozy, why not bring them with you to your home away from home?




Completely Unpack

Now that the hard part is over (packing) when you arrive at your apartment make sure you completely unpack. I don’t just mean the things that you use every day either. I mean EVERYTHING! Hang your clothes up in the closet, organize your shoes, display your mementos, and make sure your suitcase is completely empty. Living out of a suitcase can make you feel displaced and no one wants that! Plus, if everything is organized from the start you won’t have to worry about rushing to find something before running out the door.


Make Home-Cooked Meals

Do you normally go home each night and cook dinner? Or at least eat a home-cooked meal? Well, you’re in luck because all of our furnished apartments include fully equipped kitchens so you can continue that tradition! We supply everything from utensils, plates, pots, pans, knife blocks, cutting boards, to even wine openers (for those who like a glass while cooking) so you should be ready to go! Nothing say home like a home-cooked meal!


Cooking in Oven 

Stay on Your Usual Schedule

Many of us are programed as kids to be on a schedule and take that with us throughout life. Therefore, if you do your best to stick to your usual schedule you have at home, your temporary apartment should feel no different. If you’re used to waking up early to do your workout then keep that going! Or maybe you start your day meditating and end it with reading a good book. Do you usually enjoy your meals at a certain time each day? Or are you one to have certain TV shows you need to watch each night after work so you don’t fall behind? Keep these things going! Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need to be off your normal day-to-day schedule completely.


Bring Your Family & Pets

When staying in a short-term apartment you don’t necessarily have to travel alone. We offer inventory that ranges from studios to single family homes as well as those that are pet-friendly. So if you want to bring your family and pets along, go for it! We’re all about making this as comfortable as possible and nothing says comfort more than family. They'll even receive a surprise package from us when they move in! Plus, they’ll most likely enjoy all of the features and amenities our properties offer such as swimming pools, pool tables, dog spas, and more!



ARTlab Living (280 Crown Street) 

Invite Guests

Something that makes a home really feel like a home is when you can invite guests over. It gives you the opportunity to share a space that you made into your own and bring a sense of hospitality to your guests. When staying in a hotel you don’t have this option with the limited space you have. Have a small dinner party or bond over drinks at your apartment rather than having to go out to a busy bar. Maybe you even have friends and family from back home that want to visit for a long weekend. Now they can because you have plenty of room in your furnished apartment.


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Key Takeaways

Moving into a temporary apartment doesn’t need to feel so “temporary”. In order to have a happy and successful relocation or short-term stay, you need to do what you can to really make it feel like your home away from home. Add some personal touches, stay on your usual schedule, or bring your family if you can! We want to make sure that your furnished apartment feels like yours as much as possible. 


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